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Lumini overview

Transfer and anonymize tokens between blockchains.

100% decentralized. 100% trustless. 100% free. No ICO.

Use Lumini’s 2-way-bridge to transfer any token (such as an ERC20) onto Lumini. Transact it like any other token, but with privacy-by-default. Transfer tokens from Lumini onto any supported blockchain, such as Eth or EOS (doesn’t have to be the original amount transferred). E.g. Eth -> Lumini -> EOS

This only costs ~100k gas on Eth to transfer tokens on/off Lumini each time. No Eth gas required for transferring tokens within Lumini (though transaction fees need to be paid in Luminis, which will be significantly cheaper than regular Eth transfers, for preventing spam) - whereas Aztek requires ~900k gas for every transfer.


We’re developing privacy digital asset protocol in partnerships with Beam team (mimblewimble).


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