• Read our Tech White Paper v0.5
  • Simplified Whitepaper (in progress)
  • Simulation (in progress)
  • The system has two main tokens:
    • StableUnit(SU) - the core unit of the system with a stable price $1.
    • StableUnit DAO Share(SUDS) - a volatile governance token and beneficiary of the system with a finite supply.
  • The system works as an open-source bank on a blockchain. The only difference is that it’s completely decentralized and benefits all SUDS holders, not a few bankers or a government.
  • The system stores all profit in the reserve. Once a year it distributes unneeded reserve capital in the form of dividends to SUDS holders.
  • SUDS holders participate and stake tokens in the DAO referendums. Miners and Oracles get a reward in SUDS.
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