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  • Simulation (in progress)
  • The system uses a decentralized crypto reserve which fully backs the StableUnits in circulation. Users can buy SU from the reserve or on the open market. The reserve charges a small fee when buying or selling SU. The longer the system exists - the more collateral it accumulates.
  • This reserve is fully decentralized and nobody has access to it. The only way to get assets from the reserve is to pay SU for it. The only way to create new SU is to buy it from the reserve.
  • It utilizes multiple layers of stabilization mechanisms. When one layer cannot handle a price/demand shock, instead of the system failing, the next layer kicks in.
  • Having a reserve that can be traded for SU any time ensures an extremely tight price stability.
  • By holding SU, you are not affected by the price volatility of the collateral.
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