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Yields Within Your Wallet

StableUnit (suDAO) is an easy, safe and non-custodial gateway to digital assets for everyone. It’s yours to keep in your wallet, retaining its value against inflation while also earning returns.
All without leaving your wallet.

Problem & big market

Most of the $130B value is in fiat-collateralized stablecoins like Tether and USDC. Decentralized stablecoins like DAI and sUSD make up only a small portion of the total supply, meaning the vast majority of stablecoins are centralized and can freeze funds at any moment.

Stablecoins are faster, programmable, and yield higher interest compared to the classical finance instruments. These advantages may result in substantial off-chain capital adoption on the blockchain. Right now, the market share of stablecoins is less than 6%, and is expected to grow significantly.


StableUnit protocol is a censorship-resistant CDP-based stablecoin with multi-layered stabilization model secured by capital-efficient DeFi assets.

This approach unites the robustness of over-collateralized stablecoins (e.g.DAI) with the scalability of algo-stablecoins without compromising decentralization. Moreover, it uses collateral to generate profit and automatically distributes it to every wallet holding suDAO.

Unlike most stablecoins, StableUnit can’t be frozen or confiscated.

Join the global, digital economy in a fair and transparent system designed to protect ownership of the value you’ve earned.

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StableUnit is a 100% community driven protocol. Developed, funded and governed by DAO members via NFTs and suDAO tokens voting.
Fair distribution

All members are entitled to the benefits that the protocol generates.

Dual governance system

Unique dual reputation-based NFT and capital token DAO governance system

Swarm Knowledge

The transparent feedback system enables decision making with a high degree of success.

Open for Everyone

Burning man like principles. Everyone on the planet is welcome to be part of the DAO.

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